Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 23:12:36, 2021-03-18 (day 2510)

A relatively smooth overnight run saw us motorsailing then motoring in dying wind towards Augusta. We spoke to the Harbour Master of the little Department of Transport marina to check our berth and if they had diesel (conflicting reports - but they do!). As the afternoon breeze kicked in we did get a chance to get some sailing in though.

They don’t get many boats through here - on a normal year around 40 visitors, but this year its been far less. As is often the case with the road less travelled, everyone is very helpful and chatty. We met a guy as we were refuelling who had married in Lincoln, UK so knew where I lived.

Dennis, the harbour master, popped by to give us some pointers and even offered to give us a lift to the shops (as Augusta itself is a 4km walk) though we’ll be fine as we’ll have Nina and her car soon. Its a very kind offer and typical of these out of the way places.

We’ll use this as a base for some Margret River tourism whilst some weather goes through - then we’ll head around the corner. We had planned a quick cycle ride to the lighthouse at the cape (Leeuwin), but a combination of things (refuelling, unblocking a toilet, sorting out the 3rd cabin) and tiredness meant we gave in for an early night.