Duplicat's Diary

Heading West
by Rick at 09:06:06, 2021-03-08 (day 2500)

After a lovely meal out 2 nights ago, and a BBQ onboard Duplicat with a goodbye-cake for Ben last night, we were done with Esperance. We did sample one of my home brews last night and it was pretty good but we stopped at one as we knew we were sailing today.

So early this morning, we pulled up the stern anchor, then the main anchor and headed around to the jetty to drop Ben off. He grabbed a taxi to Esperance airport (a surprising distance away) and flew to Perth, then back to Melbourne. He’s off to his new job, and we’ve enjoyed his help over the last 2200nm from NSW down to Tasmania, South Australia and across the bight.

Laura and I set off west in light winds. The wind slowly built but we were motor-sailing mostly, aiming for a small rocky outcrop where we could anchor for the night (rather than doing an overnight sail). We made good progress and were anchoring by 4:30pm. Its quite the place, but definitely just a stopover - there’s no going ashore here with the surge and rather foreboding cliffs all around

Named after the ship Matthew Flinders used when exploring this coast, this is Investigator Island(s). We get some respite from the SE winds and though a bit of swell gets into the bay, its very comfortable in here. Quite deep, but we’re used to that. We’ll be here a night and it’s a dawn start tomorrow, heading further west again.