Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 08:06:11, 2021-03-05 (day 2497)

We left Lucky Bay this morning and motor-sailed around to Esperance. On the way, we couldn’t resist a bit of photography by the large cave on the far side of the bay.

The whole coast here is stunningly beautiful and we saw a large waterfall on our way around Cape Le Grand headland. Its delightful that we can cruise this a bit more slowly than our route across the bight.

On arrival at Esperance, we anchored close to the shore south of the marina, with a fore-and-aft anchors to keep us out of the swinging circle of a couple of spud barges here (which aren’t on their piles, but rather swinging on long lines onto moorings). It took us a while to get happy. Then the officialdom started. Not onerous, but it is our first port of call in Western Australia - so we had to at least notify someone of our arrival - but who?

The harbour master didn’t answer on the VHF, so we called Southern Ports by phone. They got someone to call us back. The official part was easy - talk to the police, meet them on the dock and have our G2G Pass scanned. The rest was very confusing. Apparently, we should have let Esperance Port know we were coming, but that wasn’t a real problem (not that its in any of the almanacs we use). Ships may be moving, but we’re not in the way and dont have to move - they were just letting us know. And on it went. Anyway, I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong and anchored safely in a nice spot - but not sure it warranted 3 phone calls :)

We will try the yacht club tomorrow when there are a few more sailors around, in case we can get any tips for the upcoming legs. Otherwise, we’re going to relax a bit and re-provision. We’ll move on once Ben has made his flight home.