Duplicat's Diary

Flinders Peak
by Rick at 07:15:30, 2021-03-02 (day 2494)

We spent yesterday relaxing and a nice walk along the beach to the pink lake. We also moved the boat to tuck in tight to the corner of the bay, as the wind was due to increase. I’d got the photo I wanted, of Duplicat in front of the pink lake :). Its been very comfortable tucked into the corner, but we can see the bigger swell and wind outside the bay.

Today we attempted Flinders Peak. We had very little information on the route, just that it was marked with survey tape. We guessed it was from there western most bay, and took the dinghy the 1nm to the bay. We found a post at the far end of the beach and began to follow. It took quite a while, with some considerable bush bashing but we made it to the top, for some stunning views. Our legs bear the scars of fighting through the bush, under trees, and then the scramble up the super slippery granite. The rock was fine going up, but coming back down in the drizzle was less easy! We survived, though finding the path on the way back was much harder.

The dinghy trip back was far wetter too, as we were now into the wind and the waves had picked up quite a bit.

Very happy we made it to the top, and tomorrow the wind eases a bit - so we’ll move on to Lucky Bay. Its a 50nm trip, so we’ll get going early as its a downwind drift.