Duplicat's Diary

Nearly there
by Rick at 06:34:08, 2021-02-27 (day 2491)

Under 100nm to go now, so we’ll definitely be in tomorrow. With any luck, tomorrow morning which would be nice. Wind is still quite light, but is due to pick up a bit. We thought that yesterday though, and it didn’t pick up for long.

Not much else to report. We’ve settled into a reasonable watch routine, as well as managing the other boat jobs (such as making water). We managed some decent sailing under spinnaker yesterday but today its been mostly screecher on its own. It may be worth putting some mainsail up later today if the wind shifts SE but no signs of that yet.

Other than that, the sea state has been amazing for this trip. Yes, some swell, but its always had a very long period. Even when we had some reasonable wind, it was never too lively. Can’t believe how lucky we’ve had it!

We’re back on the continental shelf now, and heading towards the Recherche Archipelago. We should reach the eastern end by 10pm, and will have to thread our way through to Middle Island overnight. Once anchored, the plan is to spend a few days at Middle Island to explore and recover from the passage.