Duplicat's Diary

Timezone changes
by Rick at 05:55:36, 2021-02-26 (day 2490)

Day 4, and we’re still plodding along. Today has been spinnaker day, with winds not getting above 11 knots and almost directly behind us. We bumped north a bit overnight to try and avoid a very light patch, which may have worked - but its still pretty light where we are. We’re making a good enough speed to reach Middle Island on the 28th (Sunday). We continue to see very few boats - 1 fishing boat overnight, which was about 6nm away. Visible by its lights, and on radar but never close enough to worry about. We’ve not seen any other yachts at all.

We crossed into Western Australia at 06:13am this morning (crossed the 129E line). This prompted us to change timezone today - so the ships clock was moved back 2hrs 30mins to put us on Australian Western Standard time. The sun will rise around 5:30am tomorrow morning - so it will be quite like being in Queensland! We are now 8hrs ahead of the UK.

We’re catching a few fish now, but they’re mostly very small tuna, which we throw back. We want a big one!