Duplicat's Diary

Day 3
by Rick at 07:04:32, 2021-02-25 (day 2489)

Just after I sent the last blog, we hooked a decent sized southern bluefin tuna. Got it to the transom, then lost if off the hook! We did get another smaller one today which made lunch, but hoping for a big one again! Though we do have to try to decode the rather Byzantine Western Australia fishing rules about what we can keep and how!

Other than that, all is well. It continues to be pretty calm in the sea-state department. Light winds in the morning, building to 15-20 in the afternoon sea breeze even though we’re a decent way offshore. It means the morning is more motor sailing, but the afternoon is good fun. Still not had the spinnaker out yet, as the afternoon twist gives us good angles for the gennaker.