Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 07:36:01, 2021-02-23 (day 2487)

A slightly delayed departure, but we got underway having sorted the fridge issue. Next up we had to dodge the Regatta fleet which seemed intent on chasing us down past Taylor Island. They went west of it, we went east - then they came back at us up the east side. Was great to see them powered up and absolutely flying!

We had a bit of a washing machine ride down past Williams Island, with plenty of current against us - but we bashed through it fine. Since then we’ve had pretty light winds, so have been sailing and motor sailing to keep our speed up a bit. We don’t have a particular ETA in mind, but towards the end of the weekend, it looks like we may see a bit more wind and in particular the swell period may shorten - so we’re aware we don’t want to dawdle too much.

The debate onboard is how many other vessels will we see? The cargo ships will straight-line the bight, whereas we’ll be closer to the coast (for the sea breeze assist). Maybe we’ll see some other yachts? One did leave the anchorage ahead of us. Maybe some fishing boats - but there aren’t many ports on the way.

Anyway, so far so good, its smoothed off - a 2-3m following sea, so pretty comfortable onboard. Night watches start soon...