Duplicat's Diary

Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln
by Rick at 02:18:36, 2021-02-23 (day 2487)

Flinders is a big deal around South Australia. He explored the coastline and got to name large chunks of it. When we went for a walk ashore at Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island, we met a couple of guys who explained a bit about things.

Reeves Point is where the first settlers arrived on Kangaroo Island. The original plan was for Kingscote to be the capital of South Australia but conditions were tough and it wasn’t long before they relocated to what is now Adelaide. Reeves point still has the mulberry tree planted by those first settlers and its still bearing fruit.

But what of Flinders? When he got to Port Lincoln, he named it after the capital town of his home country back in the UK. Flinders hailed from Donnington, Lincolnshire. He got into a bit of a theme, so around Port Lincoln the names all remind me of home (also Lincolnshire). Grantham Island, Sleaford Bay, Boston Island, Stamford Hill - it goes on and on!

We had a night in Kangaroo Island, before moving on to Port Lincoln. Two nights in the beautifully flat anchorage of Boston Bay, off the main town where we refuelled and reprovisioned

This morning, after a quick fridge fix, we lifted the anchor dodged the Lincoln Regatta fleet and set sail across the bight. We’re expecting 4-5days across from Cape Catastrophe to Cape Arid. We can thank Flinders for the gloomy names....