Duplicat's Diary

Champagne Sailing
by Rick at 16:52:36, 2021-02-18 (day 2482)

Today was one of those days. The seas were flat, the wind was just right, the sun scorched, the sails trimmed and we just glided along in the company of thousands of dolphins. And one seal.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t thousands of dolphins, but it sure felt that way. From my watch overnight, when I had torpedo streaks of phosphorescence aiming at the boat, to a breakfast display which cried out for the drone. We’ve been in their company all day.

We had fun with the timezone too. Ben arrived late to take over from me and I knew why. His phone had changed to Adelaide time, which is 30mins behind the east coast. Stupid idea to have half hour time zones, but Ben now knows that leaving the phone to decide also does not work. Ships time is key!

I’ve just taken over from Laura for my 3am to 6am shift, and I’m still seeing the eager phosphorescent trails scything towards the bow as another pair come to play. Its been an incredible day!

We should be anchored off Kingscote, Kangaroo Island tomorrow evening, and the weather situation in the bight is looking far better than yesterday. It may be a provision-and-go stop. At least we can head towards Coffin Bay and stop there if things don’t pan out as the models currently predict.