Duplicat's Diary

Hiding from the weather
by Rick at 21:55:47, 2020-06-19 (day 2238)

We had a nice couple of days at Lady Musgrave island, but the coral wasn’t up to much unfortunately. The weather didn’t allow us to dive either, as the promised calm did not really appear.

The service boat joined us in there for a couple of nights, and we ended up with a pyjama party at 10pm as a squall hit and spun us around 180degrees. All 3 boats had people on deck, looking to see everything was ok.

The forecast was showing a 3-4 day period of strong winds, so rather than stay put, and not being familiar with how much protection we’d find on the outer Great Barrier Reef, we opted to head to Pancake creek. We’re told lots of good things about it, but in essence, it wasn’t that great. Plenty of wind-over-tide made for a rather uncomfortable anchorage, but the walk to the Bustard Head light was pleasant. It was also nice to see Glamma Puss again

We are now due some nice weather, so we’ll head out to the Swain reefs and see if we can get some diving in over the next week...