Duplicat's Diary

Continuing northwards
by Rick at 05:34:23, 2020-06-14 (day 2233)

The 150km restriction has been lifted, so we are continuing north, as are many boats. After our quick scrub in Wathumba Creek, we headed to Bundaberg Marina and offloaded our anchor and chain for some regalvanishing treatment. Behold the shiny result, along with the anchor and chain from Jadean...

Unfortunately, the chain from Jadean did not take the treatment and had to go back. Ours was fine, so we reloaded and finished our prep work, which included adding a 2nd crew member, Ronnie - the designated dive buddy.

An early departure saw us wallowing in light winds from behind, then a beautiful sail for most of the day with the new screecher and genoa both getting a workout and some nice high speeds. Then the wind headed us and dropped to nothing along with a few squalls. The last 2 hours saw us motoring into Lady Musgrave lagoon and anchoring for the night.

Next morning, most of the boats left - which had us scrambling to check the weather forecast which had not changed. We found that hauling a 4G modem and PoE splitter up the mast on a long ethernet cable gave us a good connection despite having no signal at all on the deck!

Looks like the weather is coming on Wednesday, so we’ll have a couple of days here before moving on either to Pancake Creek or Great Keppel island. Its not too bad here...