Duplicat's Diary

Fraser Island
by Rick at 16:51:33, 2020-06-05 (day 2224)

I’ve been behind Fraser Island for a couple of weeks, after the long solo sail up from Moreton Bay. The bonus sand bar at Double Island point makes for a perfect anchorage for catamarans, as its quite shallow - but the poor monos have to camp outside in the swell which persistently rolls around the point.

From there I headed across the notorious Wide Bay Bar, which was no drama in the westerly wind. I had an appointment to collect crew - who was previously on a Wharram catamaran in Indonesia but escaped back home due to Covid-19. Again, altering so many plans.

We provisioned and then headed up inside Fraser stopping at various points on the way. We caught up with our friends John and Kat in Urangan, then headed up into Platypus bay to anchor off Wathumba creek. It wasn’t much fun in the building SW, but that soon abated and we could explore the route into the creek in the dinghy. Having no intelligence on that, we had to do the due diligence ourselves. We walked, waded, photographed and flew the drone and a plan was formed.

At the morning high tide, we headed in with the sun just about to rise. We nailed it, and easily cleared the 3 shallow flats to get in with more than 0.7m below the boat the whole way. We then shuffled into a spot on the bank next to the channel, got a bow and mid/stern anchor out and settled into wait for the water to go.

Fraser is the worlds largest sand island and as you’d expect its all sand in the creek, so once the tide goes out you’re on the beach. Literally.

The water colour change is incredible as the tide drops and the fresh water fills the channels.

Once dry, we recovered our stern anchor (which was needed to keep us from being pushed into the channel by the current), and reset our bow anchor ready to pull us back into the deep.

Hulls scrubbed, we headed out on the evening tide - in the dark, with our previous track (though as you can see the channel is pretty tight) and a gorgeous full moon. We anchored outside for a peaceful calm night.

Fraser Island is a stunning place. We could spend longer here but other things beckon...