Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 00:36:51, 2020-05-27 (day 2215)

On a bit of a whim we decided that the run up the Mary River to Maryborough would be a bit of an adventure, especially with charts from before the huge floods in 2011 and 2013. The run up the river was fine after some shallow moments at the Horseshoe back in the entrance.

We had a stunningly peaceful night at anchor - there is a lot to say for river life! Flat, wind protection from the banks, just the 180 degree spin at high and low tide. We are about 20ft off the bank and its never been an issue.

This morning, the new crew and I went for a run ashore to have a look. I asked Amanda at home if she knew what Maryborough was famous for. She guessed debauchery, but much to my regret its not known for that. In fact its the polar opposite - the author of Mary Poppins is from here. Who knew? The town has a little museum for Mary Poppins, and the crossing street lights are beautifully done.

This place has also suffered from serious flooding over the years, with flood heights of 46 feet at time.

More to follow...