Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 07:45:18, 2020-04-13 (day 2171)

So we are all supposed to be staying at home, and indeed, some of us are! However there are a lot of boats out and about. Fishing is an allowed activity which accounts for some - and there are plenty of folks like me, livingaboard but stuck.

There are also a lot who are definitely flouting the rules, but as long as its not too upfront, the police and coastguard are letting it slide a bit.

The coastguard boat came to notify me about the exclusion zone around North Stradbrooke island, and we had a chat about plans (lack thereof). He had taken early retirement last year, ready to go travelling but that was shot to pieces, so he’s back working. He called back in yesterday to check on me again. Today a different boat came past, but said they knew all about me. Maybe I’m doing crazy solo sailor too well?