Duplicat's Diary

Preparing for Australia
by Rick at 01:21:32, 2019-10-21 (day 1996)

Cleaning day today. At low tide, I was in the water with the scuba kit on to scrub the bottom of the hulls. We’re quite skinny on water here, so just 60cm from the keels to the bottom - I could walk along the seabed and scrub the hulls very easily. Not to mention that David and Tom had done a great job on the waterline earlier in the trip. Job done!

After a stroll around the island, we continued with the jobs. Emptied all the galley cupboards and cleaned. Took stock of all the food we had left (more than we had thought) - but all the fresh stuff will be used soon. Its been nearly a month since we saw a supermarket and well over 2 weeks since we got our veggies in Vanuatu!

We continue to convert food which could be confiscated into cooked items (eg. All the chillis we have into sweet chilli sauce!). However, we’re also waiting for our weather window on Thursday, so its pretty relaxed onboard.

Final task of the day - laundry. Its not all fun!