Duplicat's Diary

Waiting on Weather
by Rick at 19:23:11, 2019-10-18 (day 1993)

The waiting game is afoot. The angle from here to Brisbane is a bit tighter than our run into Bundaberg last year - and Bundy remains an option should we need it. If we take that option, we know it will be busy due to the rally, and we would need to move on PDQ - but that would be ok. Its a nice cruise down behind Fraser Island and we will have reprovisioned at Burnett Heads...

The dilemma at the moment is that a Thursday departure would put us arriving into Brisbane just after the weekend. There is some discussion of a thunderstorm cell moving along the coast at just that time. We had been tracking it on the forecasts, but the last run it has disappeared. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the models remain consistent!

In the meantime, its light winds here, with gorgeous skies. Time to go diving! We’ll fit in two today in case we decide to leave on Monday (which is another option, but less preferred as we get stronger winds but in before the weekend storm).