Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 05:03:52, 2019-10-12 (day 1987)

WOW in a ships log usually means waiting on weather, and we are doing that a bit as a trough is headed our way this weekend. However, in this case its more due to the stunning nature of the area we are in.

We took a trip down to the small boat pass in the eastern side of the atoll, at the south end to see if it was worth a dive. Its a bit shallow for that but was great for snorkelling. We could get out there in the catamaran too, if we needed to (though we won’t on this trip). The bommies were great to snorkel, totally unspoilt.

Returning to the island, we anchored over sand in an area we’d seen lots of turtles and it didn’t disappoint. From the drone we could see 15 of them in the gin clear water. Many mating tussles happen right by the boat. Its quite incredible to see and we feel very privileged. And we’ve yet to mention the nesting boobys ashore, with their fluffy chicks!

We headed off for a dive this morning at a likely looking bommie we’d seen on our trip south. On arrival, I stuck my head in to have a look and saw 8 sharks circling the dinghy. Middle sized reef sharks, so we thought about it and decided that the divers would be safe (shark attacks on divers are astonishingly rare) - and the snorkeller would be on top of the reef where sharks seldom venture, so we’d go for it! The sharks soon lost interest in us. The dive was pretty good. It was great to see a zebra shark asleep on the bottom as I’d only seen one of these a year ago in Chesterfield Reef. There were a few seasnakes and a very chilled turtle that swam by ignoring us

From conversations with other yachts, we think there will be many more boats at Chesterfield - which doesn’t excite me so much. It’s been rather nice to be here all on our own for most of the time. We’ll make a decision on Monday as to where we move next.