Duplicat's Diary

Catching up
by Rick at 21:15:40, 2019-10-05 (day 1980)

We’ve been bouncing around Vanuatu for a while since I last updated the blog. Apologies - we’ve been busy and I’ve been slack!

We made it up as far as Ureparapara (know by us as ‘Pac-Man island’ due to the shape). An incredible place to sail into as you really feel you’re right in the centre of a volcano. The villagers are very remote (infrequent supply ships, few passing yachts as the anchorage is reputedly very rolly, no phone coverage). We had a great welcome, helped setup some lights for a forthcoming celebration of the Chief’s long service (indeed, a medal awarded by the President of Vanuatu).

We found the anchorage was fine, and its a pretty place. Overhead shots can’t do justice to the impressiveness of the place. I know where I’d setup my villains lair if I ever need one though! The village is very pretty in places

From there, we had to get back upwind to Luganville for crew changes. Whilst there, we snorkelled Million Dollar Point, where the Americans dumped all their old WW2 equipment after the French and British declined to buy it (at 6cents on the dollar).

Amanda flew home, sadly - I’ll catch up with here in November. I had a cruising friend Tom and a new friend David turn up to help me sail back to Australia. Once fuelled and provisioned, we sped back to the calm of Petersen Bay which is a very comfortable anchorage with a nice fresh water blue hole for swimming nearby (a short dinghy ride, and 500vatu).

After Petersen, we headed to Big Bay. Another place infrequent visited by yachts and a nice conservation zone. We hiked in the forest with an informative guide and son of the original instigator of the zone - Bill. Bill delighted in showing us his forest, and all the spiders ;)

We’re now up in Vanua Lava, ready to clear our and start heading west... We depart early tomorrow - expecting to take at least a couple of weeks as we want to stop on the way. Updates once we’re underway.