Duplicat's Diary

Moon Cave
by Rick at 21:03:07, 2019-09-22 (day 1967)

It was a supremely comfortable night. The next morning, we met up with local and his family and walked up from the beach to see some cavings on the rock face some of which are quite old - though many looked quite new! Then we walked around to the moon cave. The story is that some powerful being took 3 attempts to make the moon, pulling rock from the walls to do it - hence the 3 openings. The water is crystal clear, and we could even dinghy in to the cave (which we did later).

We moved further north and ended up on the very tip of Maewo (pronounced ‘My-wow’) in a spot that is not in any guide that we could find. I saw it on the satellite imagery and we just had to try it.

Again, crystal clear water, but a very rocky ledge all along the coast which made it impossible to get ashore in the slight swell we had. That was making the blow holes work fantastically well though, and some local kids were having great fun playing by those - standing on them just as they went off.

Next day we moved up to Gaua, the first of the Banks Islands - caught a large mahi-mahi on the way and had decided to keep it to give to the locals, but on arrival, in the rain, no-one appeared, so we put the fillets into the freezer.

Losalava was a great stop. We went ashore the next day to meet the chief (as is customary) and traded for some veggies and got a few little things in the shop. The shop keeper, Lynette, told us that she could organise for ‘her ladies’ to put on a water music show for us - and as we knew at least one more boat was coming we said we were keen, but could we wait. A couple of days later, we got our show, in the rain (but hey, water music is supposed to be wet). How they make the sounds, I don’t know - but it does sound great. The camera doesn’t really capture it well enough. Video to follow...