Duplicat's Diary

Finding out feet
by Rick at 07:04:11, 2019-09-08 (day 1953)

Its a very pleasant bay here, with a nice waterfall up the hill from the bay, which runs down onto the beach, and a cave on the left hand side. We had a quick explore ashore when we were there for sundowners with Bla Ellinor (who I lined handled for in the Panama Canal ages ago!) and Mezzaluna who we have met a few times.

Sundowners and nibbles ashore was very nice. It was good to catch up and find out what they’ve been doing in Vanuatu and pass on the bits we know, as they head south. A local arrived to introduce himself. We will meet him tomorrow to do Moon Cave, but before then I’ll have an explore in the cave in our bay and also snorkel the little reef here

Now back onboard for the night. We’re getting the wind bullets down from the hills but the water is flat, and they die down during the night. Hopefully it’ll be very comfortable here....