Duplicat's Diary

Awei Island
by Rick at 05:45:10, 2019-09-02 (day 1947)

The weather was not as bad as expected - we got some wind, from which we are totally protected and a tiny amount of rain. The locals are desperate for rain, so its sad in some ways that we did not get the promised downpour... The boat could do with a nice fresh water wash too...

Geniet Lewe came over and today we headed out for a dive on the far side of the reef you can see. It was a pleasant enough dive, enough current that we were drifting along quite happily but not so much that we couldn’t stop for interesting things. We saw 1 sea snake which, on seeing us, buried its head in a hole but left the rest of its body laying on the reef! The locals eat sharks, so we didn’t see any of them. Some huge giant clams which look like they’ve not properly shut in years!

Another night here, then we’ll move on up to another bay where we may see the elusive dugongs. We’ll also do another dive - on the NE channel this time, which is supposedly very nice too.