Duplicat's Diary

Champagne sailing
by Rick at 20:41:22, 2019-08-18 (day 1932)

After the slow night, the wind steadily returned to the SE force 4/5 territory but the swell had disappeared - leaving us with some fast champagne sailing for the afternoon. This continued on into the evening, with the wind shifting more SSE this time. As a result, we’re back on schedule, clipping on at 8-9 knots at the moment. We’re still on reefed main and gennaker.

Its also been quite warm - we do resort to long trousers and a light sweater at night, but its nothing compared to how we were wrapped up coming upwind from Australia! Its a real shame that Ania couldn’t stay on long enough to experience this passage.

We had 1 strike on pink squidie but before I could get to the line, the fish threw the hook. Nothing else to report on the fishing front.

We’ve had the nearly moon from shortly after sunset until morning, but given the rather flat seas, I’d definitely prefer a moonless night so I could sit and watch the stars!