Duplicat's Diary

Vatulele part 3
by Rick at 23:50:51, 2019-07-25 (day 1908)

The waters around the island of Vatulele are stunningly clear and very inviting. Having failed on our dive mission, we decided to explore around the lagoon a little bit.

Suprisingly, the lighthouse on the island actually worked! It was a bit shocking to see it flashing at night - but it was the only light we could see. There were no lights at all within sight which was a little unnerving for the crew.

There were a number of cuts into the limestone rocks. We explored a couple - lots of crabs around but we didn’t find the famous red prawns. We weren’t really looking for them as we didn’t even know about them until we’d left!

Out by the pass was a small island which had piqued our curiosity on the way in. We dinghied out to take a look. Alas, no-where on this planet is pristine anymore, and we found lots of beer cans and the inevitable mounds of plastic.

We figured we’d now exhausted everything that Vatulele had to offer us, and the weather wasn’t really going to give us a nice diving window - so the next day, we pulled up the anchor early, worked out way out of the pass gingerly and headed back to the main island. It was a nice sail with some motorsailing too as we had distance to cover and needed to keep up the ETA. We stopped for the night off Likuri Island, or Robins Crusoe Island as its been rebranded. The rain made us less than keen to go ashore, so we just stayed onboard.

Next morning, we sail around to Denarau as we had a new crew member joining. Louis had helped us secure a spot for dinner at Kokomo resort, where he is the sommelier. We had hoped to meet up on his next rotation off duty, and as we happened to be close to Nadi where he’d be dropped off by the resort - we offered him our 3rd cabin for a few nights.

This meant, the next morning, we had 3 sets of arms for the provisioning, which was very useful indeed. We nearly bought so much the dinghy was full - but we managed to squeeze it all in. Once back onboard, we headed off to the Yasawas and Louis got to work. You see, not only is he a sommelier (and those are always useful onboard), he’s a demon fisherman. And he certainly delivered!