Duplicat's Diary

The flipping ship
by Rick at 05:31:22, 2019-07-20 (day 1903)

Our anchorage was in a slim part of the lagoon with only about 4m of water at high tide. The downside was an incessant scend that rolled in from over the reef, particularly at high tide. Along with this was a rather strong current inside the lagoon which meant we were often sat perpendicular to the swell particularly at high tide. Of course, the chart has us on the reef or land, depending on your view...

Err... not quite....

The seabed is mostly grass over sand, so the holding was pretty good. However, the ship is a huge eyesore on the beach, and I doubt anyone would want to re-open the resort with it there. Ania thinks differently, maybe it could be a feature? However, its a rusting mess thats been gutted inside, and the sides have suffered damage. Originally intended to be a casino, apparently, its now worse than scrap and probably too unseaworthy to haul off the beach. Would make a good dive wreck as its pretty open inside but where would you scuttle it to make it worth diving, and how much would it cost to get there?

It makes you want to weep that such a beautiful place can be so defiled.

We tried a dive on the outside of the reef, but the wind was a bit too strong for the dinghy-and-reel system we use. I was getting pulled off the reef and whilst I could swim against it ok with the reel, I was very nervous as we only had one reel, thus no backup. We aborted after 15 minutes. We had seen a beautiful stingray with blue spots on its back on a shelf in the reef (great spot by Ania), but the bloody GoPro was playing up. Seriously, do not get a GoPro 7 - they do take great shots and video, but they have some serious software/hardware issues. Mine can sometimes take 40seconds to change mode! Or fails to turn off properly, leaving it flat when you next want to use it.