Duplicat's Diary

Frog’s Leap
by Rick at 07:45:45, 2019-07-16 (day 1899)

Morning brought total and utter calm, so we decided we’d try and get two dives in. Because of the conditions, we opted to head to the outside of the reef for the first dive. Usually this is quite difficult because the prevailing wind and swell hit it, but apart from a very slight rolling swell, there was nothing happening outside the reef. We loaded up the dinghy and headed out - hunting for something that looked interesting. Where we stopped, we later identified as Frog’s Leap from a map of dive sites.

There were lots of large bommies, with sand between - and loads of fish life. We saw a turtle as well - but the highlight was the sheer amount of fish and the incredible visibility. This photo of the dinghy was taken in 18m of water!

Once done and back on the surface, we quickly returned to the boat to refill the tanks. That done, we headed out again - this time to dive the bommie we had discussed with the dive boat the day before. However, on arrival, we found the current was very strong and would probably make for a pretty stressful dive. So we decided to head outside the reef again. We hit an even better spot this time and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Ania.

Once back at the boat, the water was so still, we couldn’t resist flying the drone. You can see Nanuku island, and the reef beyond - which is where we were diving (on the far side of it).

Both days we were there, the island was in use by the resort on the main island (Viti Levu that is), bringing guests out to snorkel then have a nice lunch ashore on a deserted paradise. They always gave us a friendly wave as they headed in with their guests, so it seems no problem for us to use the anchorage. There was a sign ashore that we couldn’t read from the boat - but we opted not to venture ashore anyway.

We had to move on from here as we have a deadline to be in the Yasawas before Doug and Joy arrive - so we need to keep moving! Not far, just 6nm around to Beqa Lagoon Resort.