Duplicat's Diary

Bouncing around the Astrolabe Reef (pt 2)
by Rick at 00:18:42, 2019-07-10 (day 1893)

Given the conditions, we moved around the corner to the next bay which was perfectly sheltered. We anchored quite deep, but the bottom comes up quick and at low tide it looks ferocious! We went ashore for the Sevusevu and the villagers were very nice. The chief and his wife offered us papaya and some jam that was about to be made (if we took them a jar).

We asked about eggs, and we could get some from the ‘shop’ which was over the bridge in the other half of the village - so off we went. Shops are easy to stop in the villages as they are just houses. We enquired with a local who showed us, and then was happy to show us around whilst the eggs were being sorted. 1 dozen eggs, F$8.40.

The guy on the right showed us around, and its his father-in-law between myself and Ania. Nice to talk to, gave us yet more fruit. He asked if we had some glue to fix his boat - which needed a small fibreglass repair doing - so next morning, I came in with the grinder, glue, mat etc and we fixed up a minor split. That resulted in yet more fruit and veg!

At all times they were very aware of where our dinghy was and the state of the tide - prompting us to move it, or showing us the best spot to anchor so that it would still be afloat when we returned. Second nature to them, and also to us - but the local knowledge helps and is greatly appreciated.

We spent a couple of nights here, but we were itching to see the manta rays, so on Sunday morning, we pulled up the anchor and moved around to Vuro island....