Duplicat's Diary

Heading across the top
by Rick at 05:47:48, 2019-06-20 (day 1873)

After the excitement of diving, and surfing, we headed to Denarau to pick up some diesel and LPG. We noticed it was looking quite empty and as we had a few chores to do, we actually berthed in the marina for the night... No shore power, but that didn’t worry us particularly. It allowed us to get provisioning done with relative ease.

The dive store didn’t have what I wanted, and they failed to fill my LPG tank (stuck valve they claim, but I’m not so sure..). We have enough LPG for a few months anyway - but I will try and get it refilled by the main gas plant at some point.

Today was a long motor - we are heading to Nananu-i-Ra for the diving and where the crew’s friend will meet us. Inside the reef, we prefer to travel in daylight, so we’ll make at least one stop on the way. Tonight finds us anchored at Vatia beach. The resort has gone, though there are remnants ashore. We’ll go ashore tomorrow and see the locals. If there’s nothing doing, we’ll move on.

Now the wind has dropped (it was on the nose as always!), the sea has gone flat like a lake and the sunset has been spectacular. The only, very minor fly in the ointment is that the locals started their generator a few minutes ago and its quite loud....

The view ashore - we’re are sufficient distance offshore to avoid the mozzies (if there are any) and yet we’re still only in 4m of water, with a nice sand/mud bottom which is holding well...