Duplicat's Diary

On the move
by Rick at 02:30:13, 2019-06-16 (day 1869)

We decided to move on from Musket Cove, though the cocktails were very nice, according to Ania. The plan was to sail (hah!) up to Mana island and squeeze Duplicat in through the very narrow pass there. I wanted a rising tide, just in case, so we had time to kill. Thus a lunch stop at a little reef on the way was ideal.

What a spot we found (andy yes, we were navigating by Google Earth as the charts are rubbish)! A narrow sandy shelf with the reef behind, and deeper water ahead. With the very light wind (yes, we motored again!) and gin clear water, it was ideal for some photos. You can see Mana island in the background of this picture.

Phoebe, our previous crew, started this photo trend when she stayed with us. We’d got her drone working again, and she orchestrated the photo. Ania was keen to continue it, finally settling on the preferred swimwear and location - allowing this shot. Fair warning to future crew and visitors!!

If you look very carefully you can see the chain and anchor not doing very much at all! (Look straight up from the floating Ania).

We’ve not made it to Mana yet - maybe later after one more swim.....