Duplicat's Diary

Finding our feet in Fiji
by Rick at 20:43:05, 2019-06-11 (day 1864)

The welcome into Vuda Point marina is well known, but nonetheless very nice - the whole crew turn out to sing you a welcome, complete with guitar and the loud clapping. Ania love it. One day I’ll work out how to add videos here...

Formalities are long, but not complex. Health, Biosecurity (both of which need paying) and customs and immigration. By 12:30 we were ready to move into the marina for a few nights which was very handy. It was a very a snug fit, by the crane berth with a ‘sketchy’ gang plank to get ashore - yes, I have been making the crew walk the plank!

We have availed ourselves of the bar and restaurant a couple of times, headed into Lautoka for the all important data sim. Rookie mistake (and I don’t normally fall for these now!) - I didn’t take my passport. New rules in Fiji require ID for SIM cards (not the case last year). I was sure they could work around this as I had a photo of my passport, but no. So we hit the fruit and veg market which was pleasingly well stocked!

On our way to the supermarket, we bumped into the biosecurity guy and he told us where the Vodafone store was, not a reseller. We headed there and they were totally fine with a photo of a passport and indeed with the crew’s ID. Data here is quite cheap which is very handy as I use a bit with work and other stuff!

The supermarket was ok too - a few things we’d have liked which weren’t available, but nothing too restricting. Shopping done, we headed back to the boat.

A few boat jobs - I decided to swap out the LPG regulator we’d had problems with in Bourail. This required an adapter as the older GasBOAT regulators were 1/2” and the new ones are 3/8”. Fortunately Baobab marine just up the road from the marina have a full machine shop and can turn up such things very quickly. They collected the bits in the morning, and by the afternoon I had an adaptor with flats ready to assemble. Very pleased with the result - and highly recommend Magnus, Ravnil (machinist) and crew...