Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 18:36:55, 2019-06-09 (day 1862)

Bula - welcome to Fiji.

True to form, the last night into Fiji was not as advertised. Falling winds, maybe going more E, then nothing was what we were promised. 30+knots, continuous squalls, bashing up wind into that, with a following 3-4m swell was what we got. Definitely not ‘champagne sailing’.

I ended up with a rather long shift as we tried to make reasonable progress, and we arrived at the reef pass well before dawn. Some good leading lights which made the pass easy - and we were followed in by another boat, Shorleave (a Canadian trawler-style boat we think).

We’re now about 15minutes away from the quarantine anchorage and hope to go into Vuda Point marina to complete the formalities sometime this morning. We’ll need some time to recover our sanity and then we’ll need to provision, get our cruising permit etc and consider our next plan...

More later....