Duplicat's Diary

Day 3 to Fiji
by Rick at 19:51:18, 2019-06-08 (day 1861)

Yesterday was quite squally - and the gusts in the squalls were quite strong, which meant we reefed further down. If the squalls had been short ones we could just turn a bit downwind to ease the pressure - but that isn’t an option when the squalls last for a long term - or merge into larger ones!

We had to reef the mainsail further overnight as conditions were picking up. This slowed us from the 8-9s we’d been doing earlier to 7-8s. Our ETA was continuing to slip.

In the middle of the night, I had one squall which as it blew out went from 30 knots to 10knots in 10 seconds - and then stayed at 10knots for 30mins. We opted to put an engine on to keep us motorsailing at reasonable speeds in the lulls. One of things the new props are rather good at is to always give thrust when we’re motorsailing.

The latest forecast shows the winds heading us on Monday at some point but also disappearing near to Fiji. So we probably will end up with a bit of motoring to get in. At this point, we’re not that unhappy as we’ve sailed the majority of it with nice S and SSE winds and are just looking forward to a typical Fijian welcome and a celebratory beer! It should be just one more night at sea....

140nm to the pass, 160nm to the clearance point