Duplicat's Diary

Day 2 to Fiji
by Rick at 21:09:55, 2019-06-07 (day 1860)

The sea slowly eased and the sun came out - the sailing was pretty pleasant. No real dramas to report. Some of the tuna was turned into a stir fry for lunch (one of my concoctions), which was very tasty. Speeds remained high, wind wasn’t too gusty.

Over lunch, Ania thought she could see something ahead, but we never fully resolved it - but over the afternoon we started to see another yacht in the distance. Raw Cotton was doing much the same speed us as, but slightly north of our route line (and we are south of that line too). The boat is 19m x 5m, but didn’t seem to be leaning so maybe its a narrow cat? I suspect a mono though.

As night approached, we could see a small moon, and some stars. Even the Plough was visible, though upside down (of course). We were both tired, but started the watch system (me from 7pm until 10pm) as normal. We could occasionally see Raw Cotton’s lights and they seemed to be falling behind us.

On my second watch, the wind started to pick up with some cloud cover. On Ania’s watch we had a squall above 30knots and the screecher started to unfurl a bit - a result of an improper furl when we had issues on the first day (lashing failed from the clew to the drum). We didn’t quite get to it in time, so had to drop it on the deck until we can sort it out in calmer conditions. By this time I was soaked from being on the trampoline as Ania eased the halyard. A job definitely made easier with two, rather than me running back and forth to the mast. I offered to take over from Ania about 30mins early as I was awake and not going to get back to sleep - but she suggested I had breakfast and then took over, which made sense.

Since then, we’ve had quite a few more squalls, with no wind in between which is a little painful as we are a bit slow in the lulls, but clip along nicely in the squalls. We lost a bit of time dealing with the screecher too, so I’m not sure where Raw Cotton is now - perhaps they’ve snuck ahead of us again.

Forecast is for wind today, but then less tomorrow - dropping into the 10-13knot range - which usually isn’t enough for us. Maybe some motorsailing (and I can makw some water ahead of our arrival). We’d like to be in sometime Sunday night, but suspect we’ll be arriving after a full night at sea. Ah well...

327nm to go....