Duplicat's Diary

Hiking and Socialising in Baie du Prony
by Rick at 07:07:09, 2019-06-03 (day 1856)

We had wanted to anchor near Prony Village, but thats a bit exposed to the SE winds. There is a bay just south of there, but the shelf at 16m wasn’t easy to anchor on. We tried a couple of times, and just couldn’t get a good hold, and I wasn’t comfortable anchoring there, despite Ania’s desires to remain. Instead, we went back to Ile Casy, where there was a mooring we could use. Though it was a little tight to the beach, we had just enough swing room and stayed there for a few nights.

I dropped Ania up at Prony village for an explore, whilst I got on with some jobs (holding tank pump servicing - another good one for the crew to avoid!). Ania met a french lady there and had a very pleasant time whilst I was up to my elbows in.... well, lets not go there.

The next morning, we headed up to Baie du Carenage to leave the dinghy at a small wharf (well, the remains of a small wharf) and hike up the hot springs. It was a nice hike - slippery in places, but good to get out walking.

To get to the hot springs we had to cross a waterfall. It was quite tricky to get across and I managed a scramble and jump but it was too far for Ania. She hunted and was determined to make it - finally she found a spot and got across. I had the drone with me so sent it up - its not so impressive and does not look so difficult to cross from the air - but it was! (You can cheat and dinghy right up to a pontoon by the hot springs at high tide, but that was too late for us).

Was it worth the effort? Well, the hot springs were tepid at best, but we felt we deserved a soak as a reward for making it!

After a soak, we headed back to the dinghy and then from there to Prony Village. We met Ania’s new friend, Anna and once Anna and Ania had finished painting some of the soon-to-open guest house, we had a coffee. We planned to get together with Anna to do the pinnacle in the centre of the bay the next day. She could snorkel whilst Ania and I dived. Ania opted to stay the night ashore, so I had the boat to myself again, which was quite nice.