Duplicat's Diary

Cruising at last!
by Rick at 06:05:49, 2019-05-25 (day 1847)

Boat fixing complete (well, not really, but we have a handle on what we need!), our time in a marina is over - now the real cruising finally begins!

We escaped Port du Sud with a general plan to head north up the west coast. Its an area that I’ve not explored before, so a good option. Our first night was in a little bay by Timbia - after a short motorsail in not much wind. A nice calm place for our first swim in New Caledonia. Shortly after I got out, we saw a sea snake swimming down the side of the boat - a baby one, so no worries. The crew went into research mode, and no conclusions have been reached, so she’s hoping that I look tastier when diving.

Today we had planned to make more progress up to the last pass, but I couldn’t resist stopping at Ile Tenia. We had planned to stop here on the way back, but as there was almost no wind when we were passing, I just had to drop the hook. True to form the forecast has been utterly wrong. We were due E winds at 10-17knots, but we’ve had about 3 knots from the west all day. It has finally swung a bit more south, but is still relatively light. We have quite good protection from the reef and island here, so we plan to stop the night.

We are anchored in about 2m of gin clear water. So clear we can see the shadow of the boat on the seabed!

We went ashore this afternoon and walked around the island. Ania collected quite a bit of plastic from the windward shore which we both ended up carrying back to our dinghy. Something good that we should all do - and we plan to take a rubbish bag ashore each time we walk. It’s just a shame there is so little recycling on the islands.