Duplicat's Diary

Clearing into Noumea
by Rick at 01:15:59, 2019-05-21 (day 1843)

The usual fun and games clearing at Noumea. They want you in the marina at Port Moselle, but there’s no space. Of course, they don’t tell you this first - they want you to anchor out (in an area where there is no room to anchor, and you get asked to move if you do anchor), and they’ll call you back.

Of course, they never do... When you finally tire of waiting and call, they say ‘no berths for catamarans’ - gee, thanks!

Fortunately, we’ve found a spot in another marina, which we can use for a few days to repair the broken stuff (of which there is more than usual!). We’ll also reprovision as we’re about to lose all our fresh fruit and veggies to ‘biosecurity’. The crew is busy cooking the last few things for a hasty lunch before officialdom arrives

Once thats done, we can think about doing some cruising at last! However, we need to keep a weather eye out for a date for Fiji. A good window on Sunday but thats just a bit too soon for the crew (though not for me, as I’ve done New Cal before).