Duplicat's Diary

When will the bouncing stop?
by Rick at 06:49:09, 2019-05-17 (day 1839)

Upwind for a few short hours is great fun. Thrashing away to the windward mark, before turning and running. We’ve been at it for nearly 3 days now, and its somewhat wearing..

True, on a catamaran things mostly stay where you place them, but you have to prepare to move around and hang on whilst preparing food, washing up etc, and lets not talk about showering. The hulls get hot and stuffy as we can’t open windows, so cabins aren’t much fun. Camping in the saloon is very much the mode of the day. Fortunately its not yet as hot as it was sailing down to Guyana!

That said, we’re making reasonable progress. We’d like to be south of the rhumb line, and aren’t - because the wind is staying determinedly E or ESE, rather than the SE promised by the dice-rolling forecasters. When we get a SE, we can lay Noumea and all is happy and light. Then it goes back ESE or E and we drift off north.

A monohull we were near last night did tack away south this morning. Maybe we’ll see them in Noumea to compare notes. I think there will be quite a few boats arriving when we do, and the rally is a few days behind us.

Tomorrow sees a swell change happen, so we may tack, or motor sail to get us back to where we want to be - though of course, sod’s law says we’d then see a nice SE shift.

It will also be clock change day, as we’ve just seen the sun set at 4:30pm!!!