Duplicat's Diary

Salt everywhere
by Rick at 08:10:41, 2019-05-15 (day 1837)

Formalities completed last night, boat fully fuelled and last rubbish run, we left the fuel dock at Southport yacht club and headed back to the Australia Fair anchorage. Our last night on the hook in Australia before heading out.

This morning at 5:45am, we lifted the anchor and it was just daylight as we reached the seaway and headed out to sea. ‘Sortie’ followed us - a monohull that seems to be headed roughly in the same direction, albeit a bit further south.

The day started well, with some nice southerly winds, even south-west at times, allowing us to make some good progress building some south into our route. We’re about 18nm south of the rhumb line and will try to extend that for the next day or so, before we relent and allow things to slide a bit north.

The crew is feeling a bit unwell. We’re hoping a repeat of the Newcastle trip and that she’ll bounce back tomorrow. Other than that, and the occasional squall and wind shift towards the east, all is going pretty well. We’ve about 700nm to go to the pass, and with a SE wind, we can lay a course S of that, which is good! Sea state is ok, its a bit bumpier when we’re harder on the wind - but not as bad as it could have been had we gone on the last weather window.

We’re about to start out night watch regime, and the moon is lighting things very nicely. One benefit of waiting a bit longer....