Duplicat's Diary

The waiting game
by Rick at 04:01:35, 2019-04-26 (day 1818)

The job list is getting shorter and shorter, and the crew is on her way back from her trip to Melbourne. I’ve managed to get my paddleboard mounted nicely on the side with some very cool mounts, but I’ll deflate it for passages of course. Ania is bringing a surf board with her, but I think its too short to sit in the mounts - my stanchions are 2 metres apart - her board is likely not that long. Hey ho!

The Australian Border Force are really nice to deal with. I’ve been in email contact with them about claiming the duty back on various things (see board above!), and they respond very swiftly. Quite refreshing. The odd thing is that though you can reclaim the fuel duty when you leave, it can only be repaid into an Australian bank account!

The main jobs left are the large provisioning runs for tins etc. New Caledonia is a bit awkward as they’ll take almost all our food - fresh or frozen. And its not cheap to replace there - but tins are usually ok. We’ll see how it goes!

So now we’re mainly waiting on May 1st (for insurance) and weather....