Duplicat's Diary

Tasmania Part 3
by Rick at 22:00:48, 2019-02-12 (day 1745)

Tom had discovered that quite a few of the larger boats were planning on picking guests up at Kettering before sailing up to Hobart for the Parade of Sail, so our plan was to head down to Tom’s boat and go for a sail.

Running Tide is just off the public jetty in Kettering, so we rowed out and watched some of them coming alongside to load up passengers, as Tom got the boat ready.

We then headed out under motor to find some other boats also raising sail. After a while, we turned the engine off and had a nice drift along under sail with our own mini-parade of sail along side us :)

After a couple of hours, we headed back in to Kettering and home for a late breakfast of Eggs Benedict :) Then we loaded up the car and headed to Hobart, arriving just in time to watch the fleet arrive under sail. By the time we’d got to Constitution Dock, lots of boats were sailing in and generally showing off - and why not!

I’m afraid I didn’t get too many photos - spent most of the time watching them sailing, then wandering the docks looking at boats. Alas, not long enough - but such is life. It is a great show - very pleased I made it there.

All too soon, I was back on a plane (albeit not the 6am one that I had booked, it was cancelled but Virgin Australia only managed to tell me as I was in the bag drop queue!). Duplicat had survived fine without me. I did some provisioning and motored out of the marina, and back to Sydney Harbour. Currently I’m on a mooring in the beautiful Bantry Bay, Middle Harbour.