Duplicat's Diary

Tassie part 2
by Rick at 02:33:12, 2019-02-12 (day 1745)

Having done a bit of hiking, it was time to get under the water. Now to be fair, the weather in Tasmania is a bit changeable to say the least but we had managed to get the weather right for the appropriate activity - plenty of sun when hiking, saving the rain for the diving.

And boy did it rain and blow. So much in fact that we couldn’t dive the sites we wanted - instead we had to dive off Port Arthur. This was a little disappointing as I had been looking forward to the spectacular kelp forests and diversity on the east coast - but these things happen.

The first dive was wholly unremarkable. I was getting used to diving in wetsuits again (7mm two piece as the water was 16degC at depth), and was also having mask issues for some reason (yes, beardy-weirdy, but I’m usually fine with my mask!). So I wasn’t particularly enjoying the dive and we only saw a couple of lobsters. Hey ho, I did think about skipping the second dive, but it seemed silly to do that as I was there.

The second dive was far better. Still mask issues, but now I’d got the weight distributed properly (which is why I hate using hired equipment - it take some time to get things ‘comfortable’) - I was much happier in the dive. However, then we saw the seadragons. Two in fact and they are stunning. More related to the pipefish than the seahorse, but clearly some similarities in the means of finning.

Some good friends saw the photo and thought it wasn’t a real creature! Certainly made up for all the hassle. We also saw some large rays, and horseshoe rays. A very good dive and just what I’d wanted to see.

After the diving (and lovely chocolate cake!), I made a quick stop at the ‘Unzoo’ to see some Tasmanian Devils - mainly to get photos for Amanda. Very cool place, and surprisingly enjoyable. Made me late for dinner!

Its a long drive from the ‘peninsula’ around to Kettering - and I hit Hobart at rush hour, but I was soon back at Tom’s - exhausted but very happy. We started planning the next day - our trip to the Wooden Boatshow. Tom had a cunning plan....