Duplicat's Diary

Tasmania part 1
by Rick at 00:35:54, 2019-02-10 (day 1743)

As we weren’t going to be able to sail to Tassie, due to Amanda’s accident - I was invited to stay with Tom and Christie - who we had kept bumping into since French Guiana. With the Wooden Boatshow coming up, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. We really packed the days full...

I arrived late in the day, and drove down to Woodbridge (a few kms south of Kettering), and was welcomed by Tom and Christie. They have a gorgeous place right on the coast looking over the d’Entrecasteaux channel to Bruny Island. The wallabies were already foraging in their paddock, which was nice to see. We worked our our plan.

We drove around to the peninsula to walk to Cape Hauy - a nice hike with some stunning views. It’s part of the Three Capes track, which can only be done one way, so we had quite a few folks on the track with us. Tom had other suggested walks in mind, but the bush fires were restricting where we could go. Still, Cape Hauy was lovely. To get there we had to cross the Denison Canal and Eaglehawk Neck. We’d may have come in via the canal if we’d been sailing.

Views from Cape Hauy

Can you see the climber on the Totem Pole?

Tom was busy on the second day, so I chose to take the ferry from Kettering to Bruny Island and go and look at the lighthouse (a bit of a passion of mine). On the ferry over, I booked a tour of the lighthouse online - and when I got there, I discovered I was the only person for that tour! It was lovely to have the place to myself.

Bruny is really two islands joined by a long neck, and there’s a nice viewing point there which I took advantage of. I also had a nice walk along the beach.