Duplicat's Diary

Australia Day
by Rick at 05:53:30, 2019-01-26 (day 1728)

Happy Australia Day everyone - another excuse for Aussies to get out on the water and demonstrate just how crap they are at anchoring! I’ve spent the day on a mooring in Athol Bay, near the zoo - and we’ve had a stream of boats demonstrating an series of interesting approaches.

Anchoring in 6m of water? How could you possibly need more than 6m of rope? The gap between moorings is fair game but if they’ve managed to put down a bit more scope, they’re now surprised by the different swinging circles of anchored boats vs moored boats.

Still, as always, its fairly good natured and entertaining. I was even donated a few beers for acting as a taxi to get some folks to a boat whose tender had broken down.

I plan to move back to Pittwater this week, then I’m off on a little visa run to NZ and then down to Tasmania for the Wooden Boat show. After that I plan to get back to Sydney Harbour to see the SailGP regatta - the F50 cats have been out practicing and they are super quick. A reported 49knots in 17knots of breeze is the current record but they’re hoping to crack 50 knots by the time the regatta starts!