Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 04:01:57, 2018-07-17 (day 1535)

What a last night! The wind didn't stop building until we had nearly 30knots at times. We abandoned plans to go into North Minerva and instead turned and ran towards South Minerva, timing our arrival for dawn.

As we arrived, Amanda went up to the bow, and was getting soaked every other wave - but by this point we just wanted to get the hook down and get some sleep. We knew the entrance from overhead video - so came in slowly and once we were safely inside, we dropped anchor.

Sleep did not take long to come - we slept from 8am until around 1pm! This weather will last a few days, so we'll wait it out here. Its not particularly smooth, but its not uncomfortable.

We are sharing the anchorage with 2 yachts and a rather large motorboat. The motorboat actually went out in this weather and towed in one of the yachts - we didn't hear the issue (sleeping) but there was no DSC mayday alert, so I assume the yacht just radioed asking for help. Impressive seamanship to go out in 30knots and largeish seas and tow in a fellow mariner....