Duplicat's Diary

North Minerva here we come
by Rick at 03:23:32, 2018-07-17 (day 1535)

Penultimate night at sea was a bit of a mixed bag. Some sublime sailing in light winds on flat seas, followed by lots of squalls with their wind shifts and wind holes. I ended up doing quite a bit of Amanda’s watch, so she let me sleep an hour longer for my morning watch.

So we have 130nm to go, with a westerly setting current and some NE winds forecast. We are east of the rhumb line but possibly not far enough. And we don’t want to arrive in the dark (or much before 8am) otherwise it’s tough to see the coral bommies. There are lots of boats headed the same way, though we have seen none so far. Could be a tricky 24hrs.

We have heard lots of boats on the SSB radio profess to be motoring. One was motoring at 8.5knots in 12knots of breeze - we had less breeze and were sailing quite happily albeit at 5knots. We knew that even if we motored hard we would not make it in daylight, so slow sailing suited us. We may yet have to throw diesel at it too :)

Hopefully in 26ish hours or so, we will be anchored in north Minerva. I must admit to having some doubts about how enjoyable this will be. Minerva is special because it’s hard to visit and very few boats do. 34 rally boats will remove some of the ambiance. Let’s hope they don’t find our lobster spot!