Duplicat's Diary

Really day 3
by Rick at 03:16:32, 2018-07-17 (day 1535)

Yesterday was fish-mageddon. Not only did we get the lovely mahimahi first thing, later on we caught a 1.6m sailfish. This yielded over 3kg of meat most of which is in the now very full freezer. Fishing is banned for now!

We are not sure on the legalities of taking fish into Fiji. Packaged meat seems ok if it has the country of origin labelled, but line caught fish? Fortunately it looks like we may be in Minerva for a while so could share a few meals with friends or give the fish away. On that front we also have some alcohol to consume as we hear reports of people getting hit with large duty assessments for onboard alcohol. Clearly they know cruisers well :)

In the meantime we are escaping the ‘winterless north’ of New Zealand (a triumph of marketing over fact we think!) and slowly warming up onboard. We are solidly into 29S, some way from our 35S starting point. We still end up looking like Nanook of the North on watch, but trust me, we are actually wearing less now (no thermals!).

There is even some blue sky!