Duplicat's Diary

Day 3
by Rick at 03:13:20, 2018-07-17 (day 1535)

Making good progress. We covered 168nm through the water and got 157nm closer to the reef of Minerva S. Under 490nm to go. Looks like we get some wind today and part of tomorrow before we have to motor for 24hrs. We are trying to build a bit of east in as the wind is due to turn NE as we get closer so the angle will help. We won’t go too far in case the NE fails to arrive. Been caught like that too often :) Then it looks like 5 days to a week at the reefs (based on today’s forecast yada yada)

Last night was windier and rougher than we expected. Not bad, we still slept well, but we were well reefed down. I was very glad we had put the gennaker away in the daylight as it’s still a little tricky to do. Better than it was though. The moon was awesome. When it was clear of clouds it was very bright on deck.

I put the lines in at dawn and in short order we had a lovely mahi mahi onboard. 2 portions in the freezer and 1 for lunch today. So far we are doing much better than last season! Let’s hope we can keep it up. We are still using our bicycle inner tube bungee from Guernsey :)