Duplicat's Diary

The light stuff
by Rick at 16:56:54, 2017-10-24 (day 1269)
We are definitely in the light stuff. Wind speeds are averaging 8 knots from various angles around south. This means we are having to tack towards NZ. This doesn't worry us as we've done enough upwind work to places like Guyana. The sea state is very nice indeed.

The killer is the current! Just like when sailing from the Essequibo to the Maroni, the current here is pretty strong. Far stronger than I had imagined and it hurts our tacking angle considerably, especially with such light winds. It's lovely to be able to sail without having to resort to the engine though

That probably changes today. I haven't yet done the weather for today, but what we've been seeing for a while is an area of no wind before it fills in from the NW. That NW will give us a lovely sail into Opua, but we need to punch our way across the calms first. So it's likely that by this afternoon or evening we will be course to intercept the wind!

In the meantime, all is well onboard. We are definitely out of the tropics now and we are feeling the cooler nights. We look forward to them when we are in NZ but on night watch it is quite chilly. A distinct change to the last few years!