Duplicat's Diary

What a day!
by Rick at 16:53:25, 2017-10-23 (day 1268)
It had everything. Champagne sailing downwind in blue skies and sun, upwind sailing in pitch black and rain. Parasailor hoists and drops, gennaker hoists and drops. Foredeck work at 3am involving both of us, 30+ knots of wind, 5. Knots of wind. So much water my life jacket fired. We've seen our first ship for a long time, though just on AIS. (Obscure fact: the great circle route from New Zealand to Panama is well south of French Polynesia and actually passes pretty close to Pitcairn! It explains the lack of ships in the parts of the Pacific we have crossed)

Still, we are now about 320nm from the Bay of Islands and should be in on Friday with some judicious use of engine. The winds look calmer from now on, which will give us change to recover our breathe but causes us to slow down a lot. The temperature is dropping at nights to the point we are now using our Zippo hand warmers on every night watch along with multiple layers and thermals! In fact, today we will probably run the heating to allow us to dry out some clothes on the radiators. I tell you, I'm ready to go back to the tropics!