Duplicat's Diary

Sailing again
by Rick at 18:45:02, 2017-10-22 (day 1267)
We finally managed to get across the high. We motorsailed from around midday and tried to sail from 5:30pm, but the wind was too inconsistent. We hung on until the speed dropped to under 2 knots and put an engine back on.

At 10:30pm we switched the engine off and made slow progress. When I came on watch the wind had gone right behind us, so I gybed the gennaker leaving the main on the preventer. This gave us quite a speed boost and we carried on like that all night. At dawn we out the parasailor up and have been flying ever since.

This wind is due to blow until afternoon tomorrow, though it will back slowly until its tight on the starboard side. So plenty of sail changes ahead, but we should end up within motoring distance of New Zealand should we decide to cheat. However this is wind forecast, so we'll probably try and sail as long as we can. There is another smaller high to cross, which means there will be some motoring.

For now, we are enjoying flying the parasailor. The first time for quite a while!